Voice Week 2014 Recap!

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Voice Week 2014

Voice Week 2014 might have been the best one yet. I think the variety of voices, and both the subtle and sharp contrasts between them, were striking. There were old and young, human and animal (and somewhere in between), cynical and optimistic. The stories were intriguing and I was surprised by more than a few twists.

Perhaps the greatest lesson we can each learn is where our readers perceived a different type of character than the one we intended. Of course, only so much can be conveyed in 100 words, but a single word or phrase could make the difference between an authentic voice and one that’s slightly off.

This was a lot of fun, and I’m so thankful to all of you for participating –  not just the writers, but those who took the time to read and comment on all the voices. Frankly, I’m amazed that so many of you are willing to jump on this crazy train with me every year. It’s kind of surreal.

Before I get to the quick recap of each voice writer, there’s a prize to be given! The random number generator gave me a 5, which is Cassia Taylor over at Dimensions of My Universe! Cassia, you’ve won a new car!…wait, sorry, no. It’s copy of The Hobbit! And it is sooo cute. You’ll like this better than second breakfast. I’ll be emailing you for your mailing info, Cassia!

Now the voices writers – in case you missed any! Click the name to go to the blog, or of course it may be easier to find all the voices here.

AC Elliot opens on a murder scene that reveals much about the murdered girl and the serial killer – but much more about the investigating detective.

Avra-Sha shows us strangers meeting at a grave, leading us to wonder about their connection, and surprising us with the truth in the end.

Billie Jo shows a sticky situation between a girl and her boyfriend, witness by witness. But we won’t understand just how dark it is until the end.

Carrie explores the sentence “I like you” in five very different interpretations, from true love to empty promises.

Cassia has us gazing at the stars with perspectives ranging from jaded anger to wonder-filled hope.

Christina shows us several intriguing angles of the predicament of a powerful woman caught in bed with the wrong man.

Elmo makes us laugh and think with a variety of voices centered around a fruity central theme.

Evan gives us a better view of a world we’ve glimpsed before through Inspiration Monday – making us care for a variety of characters.

Jennie introduces a well-loved coach and the reactions of those closest to him when they learn his perfect health is failing him.

K. Patrick Moody invites us to the local pub, where we suspect unsavory goings on, but may get a hearty laugh at the end.

Keith makes us privy to a family’s first contact with alien life – with charming and amusing results.

LovetheBadGuy takes us to the deadly crash of a horse and cart, inspired by a true story from her family’s past.

Opal shines a light on the doomed (or is it?) relationship between two teenagers who must discover they have a lot to learn about life.

Parul provides several angles on the life of a young writer, outlining the good, the bad and the simply misunderstood.

Tara takes us to a playground where a mother drops off her son with his dad and future stepmom. Reactions are complex, emotional, and sometimes amusing.

Imaginator sends us on a royal hunt, only to reveal deeper, darker secrets at every turn.

Victoria locks us into the minds of young creatures imprisoned in a mysterious complex, and explores their various reactions to a strange and sweet icy substance.

Yikici breaks into a study in search of a secret, from the perspective of one character with five very different personalities – plus a bonus voice that unveiled a little more of the story.

What was your favorite thing about Voice Week?

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  1. And, of course, you, who led us to the end of the world. 🙂

    Not to mention your work in wrangling all of these voices. Well done, Steph! It was a great week for reading.

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