The End of the World: Friday

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Rounding out the week. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Voice Week 2014 Friday

It started in a way I didn’t expect. I guess no one did. At first, it seemed like some dark cosmic joke. We had just enough time to realize we didn’t have time. There wouldn’t be any save-the-planet mission. No watching the news, holding our breath to find out if we’d survive. Just time to come to terms with it. Like we were all terminal cancer patients, or death row inmates. But I realized, sitting in an old church more crowded than I’d ever seen it—the timing was perfect. It was a last chance, a now-or-never. When we’d each have to decide, once and for all, whether or not to be saved.

What’s your verdict on voice #5?

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  1. This feels like the beginning of a movie where you get a voice over and then a superhero pops out to save the day 🙂

  2. Sounds like someone is expecting the Rapture!

  3. “We had just enough time to realize we didn’t have time.”

    Loved that line!

    Moody, reflective and mature, this was another superb voice to round out the week. Thanks again for hosting the glory that is Voice Week. 😀

  4. Mm, the flip-side of the whimper versus the bang. Even apart from the faith, there is something to be said for time to come to terms with something, and time to say goodbye, even time to set some things right that have been wrong.
    I do feel that this person is older, but not old, I think. A thoughtful person. Introspective.

  5. I’d say this one’s my favorite overall. I love how much rumination there is, and you did a great job expressing a lot of societal nuances. Pleasure to read this week–excellent work.

  6. It did feel like Rapture. I only wonder if you are on the brink of The End, is a last minute conversion enough? Very thought-provoking.

    • Thanks! That’s a question a lot of people wonder about. I’m confident it’s enough even in the last minute. God doesn’t want revenge on us for not believing in Him. He just wants us to say yes.

      There’s a parable Jesus told about a man who hired some workers at the beginning of the day, and some more workers at the last hour of the day. At the end of the day, he gave all the workers the same wage. The ones who’d worked all day complained, even though they’d agreed to that wage from the beginning. And the guy said (paraphrasing here), “I’ll do with my own money what I want. Don’t hate me because I’m generous.”

      In the end, we don’t get into Heaven because of good stuff we do, or because we believed the longest. We get in because God is generous.

      Ha, sorry to get all theological on you. 😉

      Glad you enjoyed!

  7. This one’s mature, deeper and perhaps slightly religious. I had a great time reading all your voices this week.
    Thanks for hosting the event, it was a pleasure!

  8. Lovely. This one sounds female to me. An intelligent and somewhat (but not majorly, I think) religious woman. She seems like the quiet, introspective sort. Is that what you had in mind?

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your voices, Stephanie. Thank you for both hosting and participating in this challenge. 😀

  9. Great job Steph.

  10. As usual, some lovely lines and a great sense of conclusion in this one, Steph. Other’s have pointed to the great lines, so I’ll simply agree with them.
    I like how this person has a sense of certainty in the darkness. Thanks for a fantastic week!

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