The End of the World: Thursday

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In the words of Arthur Dent, It must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

And in the words of Ford Prefect, Drink up; the world’s about to end.

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Voice Week 2014 Thursday The End of the World

This can’t be it. No freaking way. I ain’t saying goodbye cruel world over a little chill. We ain’t been through two world wars and an ice age and God knows what else just to lay down and die like that’s all she wrote, ‘cause the sun’s taking a breather. I mean, suck it up. Drag your sorry behind outa bed and zip up your coat. Zip your trap while you’re at it. It’s gonna take a lot more ‘n Jack Frost to put me six feet under.

Well, what kind of a person do you think this is?

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  1. Ah, I like this guy! Kicking ass and taking names 🙂

  2. This is more like it. Away with the simpering, giving-up, rolling over and dying brigade. Here’s a man who grew a pair!

  3. Haha, there we go! I like this guy–the persistent can-do-ism is a lot of fun to read. I worry, though, if he’s become a bit too complacent in a position of entitlement 😉 Great post!

  4. Yeah! Probably a lot of denial going on in this one’s head, but I’ve got to appreciate that “suck-it-up and get movin!” attitude. No giving up and dying to be had here.

  5. Love this change! Denial. Something here makes me feel like this person is older; it may be the word choice (“zip your trap”, “God knows”) or it may be the attitude (kind of like how my grandma rejects the notion of aliens). Either way it’s a great new perspective.

  6. Odd. I felt this guy was younger, maybe early 20s. Shallow, over confident, and probably annoying the heck out of those around him. Certainly different to the previous voices, for sure.

    • Interesting. It might have been the “freaking” that made him sound younger, but I just didn’t want to drop a real F-bomb. Reading back, I can see how that word would set the tone for the whole thing. He could definitely be younger.

  7. Denial much? 😉 This was a nice contrast to the previous voices. Sure, the end might be inevitable, but this guy is saying, “Screw that”. This is someone who’ll go down swinging.

  8. If you’ve got to go, might as well go kickin’ and screamin’, right?

  9. Ooh! I loved this voice! I could almost picture this guy. Like it, like it, like it !!

  10. Excellent voice! Clearly male and older. He’s in denial of the inevitable, but he’s charming in his denial. I like the way he talks. “Drag your sorry behind outa bed and zip up your coat. Zip your trap while you’re at it.” And, of course, there’s that last sentence that includes not one but two cliches/metaphors, “Jack Frost” for cold weather and “six feet under” for the grave. Really gives him character. I love it.

  11. Haha, I like the denial character. He’s not going to takethe end of the world lying down. Great stuff

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