10 Cookbooks Inspired by Children’s Fantasy Classics

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On a recent work-related web search, I stumbled across one of Roald Dahl’s cookbooks.

Guys. Roald Dahl’s got cookbooks.

Sure, you occasionally hear about a recipe collection inspired by the latest fantasy franchise. But I think there’s something extra special in the idea of recipes from the books we grew up reading. The ones that made our little child-mouths water.

So at the risk of looking like Buzzfeed, I took it upon myself to search high and low for a whole list of cookbooks inspired by classic children’s fantasy! Take a step into the literary kitchen…lit kitchen…litchen?…and see if you find a cookbook your inner child can’t resist.


cover of Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes


Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes

The one that started it all. You’ll find recipes from Dahl’s most loved books, including, of course Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (lickable wallpaper!). There’s also a sequel or two.




cover of The Redwall Cookbook


The Redwall Cookbook

Admittedly, I’ve only read one Redwall book (though I now own two). But you don’t get through very many pages before being inundated with homey, comfort-food-filled feasts. Deeper-than-ever pie? Of course. Authored by Brian Jacques, so you know it’s legit.



cover of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook


The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

While I never got in to Harry Potter, and it’s maybe a tad “new” to be on the list, I think it’s safe to say it has earned its place among the classics. This cookbook may be unofficial, but it’s earned enough attention to make the list.



cover of Winnie-the-Pooh's Picnic Cookbook


Winnie-the-Pooh’s Picnic Cookbook

There seem to be about a million Winnie the Pooh cookbooks, but two actually by A.A. Milne (it says “inspired by” on the cover, but he is listed as the author). This one’s on picnics and there’s another for teatime! Plenty of recipes you’ll inhale like a heffalump.


cover of The Official Narnia Cookbook


The Official Narnia Cookbook

Though in a pinch, you can probably find some Turkish Delight at your local Indian market (it tastes like Christmas!), I imagine you’ll enjoy cooking up your own with this official Narnia cookbook, co-authored by C.S. Lewis’s stepson, Douglas Gresham.



cover of The Wind in the Willows Country Cookbook


The Wind in the Willows Country Cookbook

Another book that made a big deal of food, so it ought to have a cookbook – and it does! One would hope that a flip though it is just like a rummage through Rat’s picnic basket. Kenneth Grahame co-authored it (or is at least credited). Just look at those illustrations!



cover of Everything Alice


Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes and Bakes

I found several Alice-related cookbooks, but this one had the nicest cover and sounded the coolest – plus, it’s got crafts as well as recipes.




cover of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz Cookbook


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Cookbook

Again, there were a few choices. This was the only one that looked to be inspired by the books (not just the movie). And look at that gorgeous cover!



cover of Serve It Forth


Serve It Forth

I was slightly disappointed to find no Pern cookbook (klah, anyone?), but Anne McCaffrey has compiled two books full of recipes from celebrated sci-fi authors. Larry Niven and Mercedes Lackey contributed to this one. You should also check out Cooking out of This World.



cover of Medium Rare and Back Again


Medium Rare and Back Again: A Tolkien Cookbook

I found a handful of Middle Earth cookbooks, but they looked suspiciously unofficial and not exactly faithful. However, there’s one as yet unpublished that looks very promising. Keep an eye out for it!


Know of any good ones I’m missing? Speak up!

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  1. Ah, Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes! Yes, I did know about that one! When I was reading Roald Dahl books I took that one out from the library and convinced my mother to make the Bruce Bogtrotter chocolate cake. It was pretty good, too!

  2. They’ve got an Unofficial Hunger Games cookbook similar to the Harry Potter one. 🙂 http://www.amazon.com/The-Unofficial-Hunger-Games-Cookbook/dp/B00BFQKOUO

  3. Wow! I know what I am asking for for Christmas and birthday this year. I knew the Brian Jacques one existed, but the others? Roald Dahl? Seriously? I think there is some danger here, though, in that the “real thing” may not stand up to expectations. I don’t think I could stand a deeper-n-ever pie because the pie of my imagination is so incredibly yummy!

    A note on Brian Jacques. His books become either formulaic, or feel like he is reaching, after a while. I haven’t read them all, but I’ve read a fair number, and I think his best among those I’ve read are the first three (Redwall, Mossflower (my favorite), Mattimeo, and Salamandastron. 🙂

    • It could probably never be exactly what we imagined. But if we go in assuming we are missing some unobtainable ingredient (e.g. “magic”), I think we can still be pleased with the result.

      Another friend told me that if you’ve read one Jacques, you’ve read them all. The two I own are Mossflower (read) and Salamandastron (not yet read), so I guess I’m in good shape!

  4. How clever of you to use “just search in google” to get past spam filters. I’m sure Stephanie is dying for your help!

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