Inspiration Monday: Errant Star

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I spent most of Saturday struggling to figure out a certain character, before finally realizing this character has a major thing in common with the protagonist and that I should totally use it.

Why don’t we see these things right away???

Hope all the fathers out there had a happy Father’s Day!

You might laugh or cry from the stories this week. Maybe both!



Chris and another


Kate (MC*)

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The Rules

There are none. Read the prompts, get inspired, write something. No word count minimum or maximum. You don’t have to include the exact prompt in your piece, and you can interpret the prompt(s) any way you like.


No really; I need rules!

Okay; write 200-500 words on the prompt of your choice. You may either use the prompt as the title of your piece or work it into the body of your piece. You must complete it before 6 pm CST on the Monday following this post.

The Prompts:






Want to share your Inspiration Monday piece? Post it on your blog and then give me the link in the comments below (I’ll also love you more if you link back to me); I’ll include a link to your piece in the next Inspiration Monday post. No blog? Email your piece to me at stephanie (at) bekindrewrite (dot) com. (I do reserve the right to NOT link to a piece as stated in my Link Discretion Policy.)

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Happy writing!

*MC = some mature-ish content.

About Stephanie Orges

Stephanie is an award-winning copywriter, aspiring novelist, and barely passable ukulele player. Here, she offers writing prompts, tips, and moderate-to-deep philosophical discussions. You can also find her on and Pinterest.
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  1. Hi Stephanie. I did this which will go live on my site on Thursday at 13:00 UK time |

  2. Sounds so familiar.
    For some reason, we often have to wrestle fruitlessly with things before the answer materializes, not so much because of our effort, but because we were so consumed with wrestling our conscious that we let our unconscious do all the work 😉

    I has some inspiration! I will get the post up before next monday:

  3. I decided to go with the prompt of “Mass Darkness” for my inspiration. Thanks for giving me what I needed to tie my thoughts together.

  4. I am sure you meant to write “desert,” not “dessert,” but I was intrigued by the typo and was inspired to write the silly little piece linked below. 😉 (Yes, I do have a blog, but I decided to post this one solely on FictionPress.)

  5. Just did my first Inspiration Monday prompt. Sorry, but I went well over the 500 word cap.

  6. Here’s my submission. It’s called: Villainy and canopic jars by Lucy

    Some day I will keep it to 500 words.

  7. Here we go, an attempt at blending pulpy Noir and Weird Western, but setting it in Australia led me to this In the Hard, Red Earth – I think I got the Weird Western part right, but the Noir, I’m not so sure…

  8. Something to get you hot and bothered..;)

  9. Here’s my submission for this week’s prompts. It’s a fractured fairy tale of sorts… I hope you enjoy it. It’s titled ‘An Errant Star.’

  10. Huh, for some reason the link doesn’t work. Bleh. Here’s another try:

    • The first link didn’t work because it had the wrong date. 😉

      • Aye. I thought that the date was supposed to be the creation date, but WordPress changed it to the publication date and thus voided my “permenant url.” Foo on you, WordPress. Foo, I say!

        • I think things would get confusing if the URL date was not the publication date, especially for those bloggers who have posts for specific dates ready far in advance.

          • What I find confusing is that I can copy and paste what is listed above the post as the “Permalink” and have it change after I publish the post. :/

            If it ain’t a “permalink” it shouldn’t be called a “permalink” 😉

          • I think it’s called that because once you publish it, that becomes the permanent link even if you change the title. So you might publish something as Fun Post and it’ll have the permalink, and when you change it to Really Fun Post the URL will still just say “fun-post.”

  11. Ha ha! Spam comments can be funny, and this is probably one of the funniest I’ve ever read! Read it aloud for full effect. 😀

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