Voice Week 2013: Tuesday

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I’m having minor server issues on this site today, so it may be going up and down as I work with my host to fix it. Meantime, the Voice Week site shouldn’t have any problems.

I think everyone’s voices are going swimmingly, don’t you? Here’s my second.

“Well, I probly knew him better than anybody, but we haven’t hung out much since he hooked up with Liz. You know how it is. But I was happy for him. I wish he’d told me when they broke up. Before he…you know. Maybe I could have talked him out of it. But am I shocked? Well, you gotta understand, Will was obsessed with Liz, even when we were kids. I never thought she was that into him, but, you know. So when they got together I was afraid it was gonna flop. But Will was just in heaven, you know. I was happy for him. So I didn’t say anything. I kind of blame myself, you know? I just wish he told me when they broke up.”

About Stephanie Orges

Stephanie is an award-winning copywriter, aspiring novelist, and barely passable ukulele player. Here, she offers writing prompts, tips, and moderate-to-deep philosophical discussions. You can also find her on and Pinterest.

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  1. Ah, the many joys of third-wheeling. I’ve never liked having to be on the outside in situations like this…guess I’m always worried something will happen like that which happened to Will. Very nice post, though, very well-written piece. Good luck with the site!

    • I’ve been a third wheel myself on occasion, though never when I was equally close to both members of the couple. That helps, I think.

      Thanks very much! It looks like the site is doing fine for now, knock on wood.

  2. I’ve been hovering. Work is slow this week. Good luck with the server issues!

    The plot thickens and the history deepens! Just like a good stew.
    I get the impression that this one is male, but it could go either way. Same age as Will, and decently educated. A bit “trendy” maybe? Not a very forceful person, not quick to speak his mind. That’s my impression.

  3. Great piece! Well written. I, too, get the notion that this is a male character, not too old, who is maybe afraid to say the wrong thing? Maybe?

  4. Lots of repetition really makes this piece feel like something a character would say. You give us so much emotion by doing that, and it’s brave, especially in a short piece, because of course it cuts down what you can actually say.
    You’re a master at this, Boss!

  5. I love the voice – it is as if I am speaking with the repeating – you know. It makes it real, it makes it anxious, as the character is feeling. Great job!

  6. This one packs so much more information than the last one, probably because the last voice seemed much more detached from the situation and didn’t have the same level of emotion. I like it that way – the first to ease us into the subject, and now this voice to fuel our curiosity from the mysterious first voice.

  7. This is great — the dialogue feels really genuine to me, coming from a character who I imagine has a good heart.

    And yet I’m still waiting for some huge, macabre twist… Is that just me? 😉

  8. He says little…but he says much with his round about way

  9. Oooo sounds like Liz has caused some trouble…I wonder what happened. Another great addition to the story, this character comes across quite remorseful, beautifully written. 🙂

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