A Few Things to Know About Voice Week 2013

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My Internet access will be spotty this weekend, but I want to make sure you have answers to any questions you might have about Voice Week. Here are some just-in-case answers to questions I anticipate you might have.


Inspiration Monday Postponed

InMon is postponed for Voice Week, so you’ll have two whole weeks to write InMon pieces from the October 28 prompts before I post more prompts on November 11.

Voices Linked Daily

All you Voice Writers have to do is post your pieces on your own blogs. Every day, I’ll visit your blogs to read, comment on and link to your pieces. I’ll reblog all the pieces on the Voice Week site, so everyone can go there to find links to all of them!

I Won’t Notice If You’re Late

We all live in different time zones. If you miss a midnight deadline, I will assume you’re on time in your time zone. In fact, I’ll probably still be linking well into Saturday. So don’t worry about it; just post when you can!

But What If…

Not sure you wrote exactly what I’m looking for? That’s okay. Everyone interprets the challenge a little differently, and it still turns out awesome! The important thing is that we all learn from each other. I guarantee we will.

If You Aren’t Writing for Voice Week

We still need you! Visit the Voice Writers, read and comment on their voices!

If You Still Want to Sign Up

You can, as late as Monday. Just leave a comment! I’ll get you on the list!

If You Signed Up, But Your Name Isn’t on the Link List

I may be waiting on you to send me a link to your blog. I should have already emailed you if this is the case. If you send it to me and don’t hear back for the next couple of days, don’t worry: I will have it taken care of on Monday!

Other Questions?

Ask me in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I’m confused.

Check out the rules

See answers to frequently asked questions


I need examples. How did Voice Week go last year?

Read last year’s voices

Read my summary post


I can’t wait to get started!

Get your Voice Week badge!!!

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  1. “I’m confused” describes me most of the time, but here goes nothing!
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. I don’t know if you need me to post my day one link here but it’s here-

  3. And my last post….not sure if I failed miserably or not;) It was fun though, and I enjoyed digging into what it’s like to be a football coach to find a specific voice for my writing. Thanks for the challenge:)

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