What if Star Wars Episode I Were Good?

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I worked late tonight and lacked the brain power to finish this week’s post. But I won’t leave you empty-handed! A commenter, Chris, recently shared this video on my post about George Lucas. Michael of BelatedMedia narrates his version of The Phantom Menace, which, frankly, is better than what we actually got.

Enjoy – and tune in next week, ’cause we’ll be talking about censorship in honor of Banned Books Week!


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  1. Sounds better to me, but his idea of Episode II is even better, I think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAbug3AhYmw
    Makes much more sense and has the needed character-development!

    • He definitely added a lot by changing Naboo to Alderaan, and Obi Wan’s story is still very good. I think a couple parts were a little weak. It didn’t really make sense to me that Amidala could excuse herself from important political discussions to give a tour to some friends – but it would make sense for them to need a tour if they were there to provide security. So that should have happened some other time. And I didn’t see why Dooku (SP?) had to sacrifice himself. Otherwise, though, I love this guy. He’s so entertaining! Can’t wait for III.

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