What’s the last thing you’ll say to the world?

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You have a chance to say one last thing to the world.

This thing must be short: less than the length of a tweet.

This thing must be good – it will literally be carved in stone, and people will be reading it for years to come. For some, it will be the only thing they know about you.

So, you story writers, you world crafters, you word fiends; what would you put on your tombstone?

It’s an intriguing question, particularly for a writer. I mean, shouldn’t we have the best epitaphs ever?

A few folks in my family have already decided.


My mom:

It could be worse.

This is her life’s motto and she’s said for years she wants it on her tombstone. I find this hilarious. Imagine walking through a cemetery and reading that.


My brother:

Born once. Died twice. Now I’ll live forever.

His heart stopped for 45 minutes when he was a baby, so technically he’s already been dead once.



Our back is to legends and we are coming home.

This is a quote from The Hobbit, when Bilbo is returning from his adventures. Maybe my own words should be on there, but this quote may just be too perfect.


While we’re on the subject, here’s bestselling author John Green’s thoughts on tombstones:


And because we can’t leave it unresolved, here’s his brother (and guy behind Lizzie Bennet Diaries) Hank Green revealing the story behind Gussie Manlove:


So how about you? What will you have etched above your final resting place?

About Stephanie Orges

Stephanie is an award-winning copywriter, aspiring novelist, and barely passable ukulele player. Here, she offers writing prompts, tips, and moderate-to-deep philosophical discussions. You can also find her on and Pinterest.
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  1. I like your blog, not least because I have been writing about just the same. Here is what I want on my gravestone:

    Wyon Stansfeld
    Born 1955 Died 20XX

    I’m not asleep, I’m not at rest,
    I don’t await you with the blessed,
    Or burn in hades with the rest.
    I’m not now ash or rotting gore,
    We won’t re-meet on a distant shore,
    For I have no soul. I am no more.
    I’m not right here, nor in the air,
    Not in sweet bliss, nor dark despair,
    Because I am not anywhere.
    Not passed beyond, not gone ahead,
    Farewell dear friends, that’s it, I’m dead.

    (and the reasons for this are here: http://wyonstansfeld.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/atheists-would-turn-in-their-graves-musings-on-epitaphs-2/

  2. I like Spike Milligan’s: I told you I was sick…
    As for me, I’d like something like: It was fun while it lasted. (Not very deep I know 🙂 )

    • Ha, Milligan’s is hilarious!
      And yours has more depth than you give it credit – a good life, but it didn’t last forever. Which begs the question – is there more? Should I have done more?

      Thanks for contributing that!

  3. As I’m a bit of a gamer I think something along the lines of: “Yay! I’m about to level up” or maybe something more movie based like the quote from 2001 A Space Odyssey: “My God, it’s full of stars.” Maybe keep folks guessing what that means after I’ve popped it.

    • Level up – brilliant!!! But if you choose to go with “My God, it’s full of stars,” I must insist you go the whole nine yards and order your tombstone to the exact specifications of the monolith.

  4. The first thought that crossed my mind. Just two words.

    “Pay Attention.”

    I like words that let people draw their own conclusions, and perhaps someone will actually get what I mean by it. 😉

  5. Just had time to watch the videos. Hi-larious! Real life gets away with all kinds of things that fiction can’t. It’s not fair. 😉

  6. I know your secret. -A

  7. I had way more fun then I probably should have had writing a similar post on “Last Words” last year. 😉

    As for my tombstone:


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