Inspiration Monday: things you can’t hide

Today I shopped for felt picks and sugar packets, for a new friend and an old one.

Brilliant work this week:


Chris and another





Parul wrote a piece for each of three prompts, and will hopefully complete the story with the remaining prompts this week: Fishing for InsultsTime Crunch, Extra Wishes

Inspiration Monday: fishing for insults

A couple of exciting announcements this week. Two veteran InMonsters, whom we haven’t seen in awhile, just revealed a reason for their absences: they’ve both self-published books! Be sure to drop a congratulations to Eric and Marantha – and if possible, buy some copies and support indie literature.

Other unrelated notes:

4 steps to stop writing fan fics and start writing original stories

Img by Jenn Durfey

Stuck writing stories about Elizabeth Bennett, Harry Potter, Edward Cullen, or (heaven forbid) all three? Maybe you’re longing to create something of your own, but you don’t know where to start (or maybe you’re desperate to stop this madness before Mr. Darcy elopes with Bella Swan). Well. I have good news.

Inspiration Monday: the books conspired against us

Sometimes I feel sorry for the prompts that don’t get used. Much as I used to feel sorry for the stuffed animals that couldn’t fit on my bed when I was a child. But my mother told me they got to have a party in the closet. Maybe the unused prompts get to have a party in cyberspace. And they wear tin foil hats and listen to techno and throw glowing paint at each other.