Inspiration Monday: story killer

The other day I got a fortune in a cookie that said “You will receive good news of a long-awaited event.” The same day, I checked to see if the domain was available (I only had the .net), not really expecting that it would be, but it was!  Woohoo! So you may have noticed the dotcom-liness going on in the URL field up top your browser window. I don’t know why this pleases me so much, but it does. Just like these pieces:

AIDA aftermath: 4 ways the last few blog posts have changed my novel

bang head against wall

photo by Eamon Curry

In case any of you are agonizing over changes you have to make to your work in progress due to something you learned in the AIDA blog series, rest assured: I am drinking bucketfuls of my own medicine.


Inspiration Monday: love at last sight

 Okay okay. So the “Martian Tea” reference is a pun on oolong tea and the sound the Martians make in Jeff Wayne’s brilliant musical version of The War of the Worlds – a creepy “oooolaaa!” (technically “ulla”) which of course sounds like “oolong.” The album is a classic in my family, so we call oolong tea “Martian tea.” [Listen to part of the album here. Skip to 5:06 to hear the ulla.]

47 words and phrases that slow your reader down

Packed car trunk

Photo by Alan (click for credit)

Your neighborhood is about to be blown up by alien invaders. You have 24 hours to pack your car and get out of the city. What do you bring?