Inspiration Monday: post-apocalyptic daydream

Computer fixed! Notes recovered! Time…still minimal. I’ll shoot for this Friday for the First Pages post, but might have to push it again. : /

Meanwhile, read some fantastic work! You guys are so darn talented!



UndueCreativity and another




Inspiration Monday: not my memory

InMon veteran Chris White is taking flash fiction submissions for a short story collection he is self-publishing in protest of the Premier of Queensland cutting funding for literary awards.  I don’t know much about Australian politics, but this sounds like a great project. Check it out now – the deadline is May 10.

20 tips for creating relatable – and lovable – protagonists

Photo by Alex Brown

Photo by Alex Brown

Keep them reading. That’s our mission, right? And there’s nothing that can hook any reader faster and stronger than a protagonist they can relate to, like, and therefore care about. This is one half of the D in AIDA:

The D in AIDA

Inspiration Monday: all I’ve ever known

Delicious news. One of my favorite YouTube vloggers, Hank Green, has begun an exciting, unprecedented project: translating the Austen classic, Pride & Prejudice, into – what else? – YouTube vlogging. It’s rather experimental; they’re not really sure if they can pull off the whole thing, but I like it so far. The more viewers they get, the more likely they’ll be to keep going, so be sure to check it out after you read the brilliant work linked below. Start with Hank’s introduction or with the first episode.