5 tips for grabbing attention with your book cover

The "A" in AIDA

It’s not that we judge books by their covers. But if you’re standing in a bookstore staring at a dozen photo-realistic illustrations next to one cartoony sketch, you’re gonna notice the cartoony sketch.

A great cover makes us look.

Inspiration Monday: hold onto your heart

I’ve made a start on learning the 12-bar blues on the ukulele. Slowly working my way toward Stairway to Heaven. Oh yeah.

Speaking of heaven, read some of this:









The Rules

4 steps to convince people they NEED to read your novel


Photo by Leah Tautkute

Photo by Leah Tautkute


Did you take the leap with me last week and admit to yourself that your writing is what needs improving–not your friends’ tastes? Are you ready to find out how to fix it?

Meet AIDA.

Inspiration Monday: farewell fairy tales

Some interesting takes on the shoe mystery in the stories and in last week’s comments. I’ll never look at lost shoes the same way again. : )

Unrelated note: anybody else getting more spam comments than usual? In the last week I’ve gone from a handful a week to more than a dozen a day. What’s up with that?

Why no one is reading your work

image by Proxy Indian

image by Proxy Indian

I was terrified. I was ecstatic. Sending my novel – my brainchild – out into the world for the first time. By “the world” I mean, to a few of my closest friends. My brother and best friend finished within a week. Probably due in part to a feeling of obligation. “It’s great!” they said, “Wouldn’t change a thing.”