Inspiration Monday: deadly paper

InMon is officially one year old tomorrow!

For this special occasion, I’ll drudge up a little something I wrote in the intro months ago:

Happy InMon to us, happy InMon to us. Click the links they are genius! Happy InMon to us!





Inspiration Monday is One Year Old!

Yessireebob, it’s the one year anniversary of Inspiration Monday! Okay, technically today is Friday. And technically Tuesday will be the official anniversary, but who’s to say we can’t start celebrating now? I asked our badge creator Marantha to design some kind of celebratory graphic and she did not disappoint! Just looking at it makes me happy!

Inspiration Monday: the echo before the cry

Lately a few of you have expressed worry about being late with your InMon entries. Quit worrying! You have an entire week to post them if you want me to link to you in the next prompt post, and even if you’re a couple of days late, I’ll link to you in the following week’s prompt post (in fact I might not even notice that the prompt you are using was “supposed” to be last week; I get the weeks mixed up and I’m not that strict anyway).

Inspiration Monday: pretend you don’t notice

Finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy a week ago yesterday. Still recovering. Can I handle the movie? Time will tell.

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