Inspiration Monday: the noise of ideas

Did anyone else notice I totally misspelled “traveling” last week? I didn’t even notice until a few days later when I just looked at it and thought, that doesn’t look right, does it? Are there really two ‘l’s in that word? Of course, I’ve changed it by now, but I thought I’d better admit my error as a warning. This is what comes from lack of sleep, people–get your 8 hours!

Begin your story at the beginning – but when is that?

This decision could be the difference between readers turning the pages and shutting the cover:

Where in the timeline does the “once upon a time” fall?

Here’s a little guide to help you decide.

Beginning at the beginning

Inspiration Monday: traveling by balloon

Today I looked up from my computer to see a three-foot inflatable shark with a mechanical tail floating by my door, soon followed by a highly amused art director, who was manipulating switches on a remote control. Ah, life in advertising. Only slightly less fascinating than the following stories:

How to Master Apostrophes with Ease

Photo by Brian Kelly

Photo by David Goerhing

Above are just two (technically three) examples of an error that pervades the English-speaking world almost as thickly as the incorrect use of the word “literally.” So I thought I’d do a quick, yet comprehensive, apostrophe usage guide that will actually be easy to understand.

Inspiration Monday: inconvenient death

I worked late tonight, which meant there should have been very little traffic, and it should have only taken me 20-30 minutes to get home instead of 45-60. But get this: there were three accidents and two breakdowns on my way home. For the first two I was angry, by the third I was laughing, and by the fifth I was peeling my eyes hoping for a sixth. And it struck me how awful that was. My petty irritation, my eventual amusement. There were two ambulances blocking my usual exit. I hope everyone is alright. Anyway, hence today’s first prompt.