Inspiration Monday: escape your own skin

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Greetings, my dear InMonsters! Yes; I stole that from LoveTheBadGuy. Thought it fitting, today being Halloween; I also picked some creepy-sounding prompts, which I  guess technically should have been last week, to build up to Halloween, but I didn’t think of it till today. Anyway, read some genius! /








Sonja continues an InMon story from a while back

WritingSprint continues the Dream Girl story

LoveTheBadGuy and another

The Rules

There are none. Read the prompts, get inspired, write something. No word count minimum or maximum. You don’t have to include the exact prompt in your piece, and you can interpret the prompt(s) any way you like.


No really; I need rules!

Okay; write 200-500 words on the prompt of your choice. You may either use the prompt as the title of your piece or work it into the body of your piece. You must complete it before 6 pm CST on the Monday following this post.

The Prompts:

escape your own skin*
check for monsters
innocent costume
what you can’t see will kill you
riddles in the dark**

Want to share your Inspiration Monday piece? Post it on your blog and link back to today’s post; I’ll include a link to your piece in the next Inspiration Monday post. No blog? Email your piece to me at bekindrewrite (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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Happy writing!

* Inspired by this story about a redeemed skinhead.

** Yes, I’m re-reading The Hobbit. I suggest you all do in preparation for the first movie to come out next year (*can barely contain excitement*).

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Stephanie is an award-winning copywriter, aspiring novelist, and barely passable ukulele player. Here, she offers writing prompts, tips, and moderate-to-deep philosophical discussions. You can also find her on and Pinterest.
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  2. Oooh! Such awesome, creepy prompts. 😀

  3. SO excited for the Hobbit. This is going to be amazing.

    Great prompts, hopefully I’ll have something written up soon.


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  6. hey there – Loved the prompts. Bit of a two-for one this week. Might even check in with a third if the writing gods allow it.

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  8. Here’s my effort for this week, written while waiting for my daughter to wake up. i don’t think it’s finished, but my character told me it was over so…

  9. The story about the reformed skinhead was very touching and inspirational 🙂 Maybe I’ll see if I can work up something on that one. I’ve just past 4000 words this morning for my NaNo, so I’m a bit a head of the game and could use this as a ‘break’. (LOL writing as a break from writing? 8-|…)

  10. This was tough after a morning of NaNo. The edit police were on strike. I managed, but barely, Robin

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  12. Taking a break from today’s words for NaNo and thought I would try some 140 character stories for the prompt – ‘escape from your skin’

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  15. Ha! Resisted the impulse to write a “patriotic” Hobbit, but … well

    Riddles in the Dark

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