Inspiration Monday XVIII

Fewer submissions this week, as it is officially Summer! Thanks to the Rewriters still pumping out words this week, and all worth reading (or listening to, as is sometimes the case!). In other news, I was interviewed last week by Rewriter Marantha (and flattered as all get out).

Inspiration Monday XVII

We’ve had a little bit of everything this week, from poetry to steampunk. In other news, I wrote a new synopsis on Saturday, and it wasn’t terrible. You may applaud – and help me celebrate by reading the awesome pieces linked below!





Do I Need a Literary Agent and How Do I Find One?

Image by Marco Arment

Image by Marco Arment

Do I need a literary agent?

Short answer: yes. If you want to be published traditionally, you absolutely need an agent. (I’ll post about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing later on.)

Why do I need a literary agent?