Inspiration Monday XIV

Happy Memorial Day, whether or not you are American – and thanks to all the folks who risk (and give up) their lives so that we can post whatever the heck we want on blogs and stuff. It’s a heavy price, and I hope I don’t have to remind the Rewriters not to waste this opportunity to speak their minds in the very best way they know how.

A Defense of Happy Endings

Let’s get down to it. What’s better: a happy ending or a sad one – and why?

First, let’s define “happy” and “sad” endings. It’s not as simple as whether or not the hero survives; Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Lewis’s The Last Battle both end with everyone dying, but one leaves you in despair and the other brings you incredible joy.

Inspiration Monday XIII

Gorgeous work as usual this…last…this past week (I never quite know how to say that). The most popular prompt was “paper towns,” so I thought I’d introduce you all to the author (I don’t know him personally, but I like to pretend). You can watch him read a part of the book here. And don’t forget to read your fellow Rewriters!

Are writers sadists?

“Every book I’ve ever written ends with someone dying; every one. Really nice people too. Like the book about Helen, the school teacher. I killed her the day before summer vacation. How cruel is that?”

–         Karen Eiffel, Stranger Than Fiction