Inspiration Monday VI

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Monday again, yippee! I hope it was a good weekend for all. Last week produced some particularly powerful pieces from all the participants, as if the inadvertant theme was “how to change people’s minds using words.” Go ye and checketh them out!

Mike and Mike’s flash fiction

Indigo Spider

Find an Outlet


I feel like I’m missing someone. Am I missing anyone? Shoot me a comment!

*EDIT*: I was! I believe Jinx was the first to post: Jinx

The Rules

There are none. Read the prompts, get inspired, write something. No word count minimum or maximum. You don’t have to include the exact prompt in your piece, and you can interpret the prompt(s) any way you like.


No really; I need rules!

Okay; write 200-500 words on the prompt of your choice. You may either use the prompt as the title of your piece or work it into the body of your piece. You must complete it before 6 pm CST on the Monday following this post.

The Prompts:

Whispers from the casket

The papercut that changed the world

The last man on earth

You can hear the stars speaking to each other



If you want to share your Inspiration Monday piece, post it on your blog and link back to today’s post (it’s easier for me if you also comment below with a link); I’ll include a link to your piece in the next Inspiration Monday post. No blog? Email your piece to me at: stephanie (at) balcomagency (d0t) com.

Happy writing!

About Stephanie Orges

Stephanie is an award-winning copywriter, aspiring novelist, and barely passable ukulele player. Here, she offers writing prompts, tips, and moderate-to-deep philosophical discussions. You can also find her on and Pinterest.
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  2. First, awesome prompts. I’m making it a goal to use every one of them this week.

    Second, I love the fact that you’ve tagged this under mind control. It really is.

    Third, my entry for this week is here.

    Fourth, my entry for last week is here. =)

  3. Hi there – been absent here for a couple of weeks but am back again! Great prompts as always and I hope I’ve done mine some justice.


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  5. This is a THANK YOU to you Stephanie for your wonderful prompts. It has been such a help to get me started after all these years. But the writers that are gracing your Instiration Monday are amazing, SO talented. It scares me half to death. I can barely think of one idea and the words have already flowed from their minds to the paper. I love seeing this. Maybe someday…..but even if I don’t write often or well, I feel privileged I get to see genius in action right here.
    So, thank you again. I appreciate you and all you are doing!

    • You fit right in!
      Don’t worry, it will get easier with practice. You just have to train your brain to let the words flow, without listening to your inner critic. Ideas come faster that way. Then you let your inner critic speak again when doing revisions.
      I hope you’ll keep going! I love reading your work.

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  7. I’m a bit late in coming in on this! I’m a friend of Scribbla’s and I thought I’d give your Inspiration Monday a crack, if that’s ok! 🙂 Here’s the link to it:

    To fill you in, I’m a musical theatre composer, so I’ll be writing lyrics, if that’s ok! 🙂

    Hope you like it!



    • Lyrics are totally fine! This is so funny because I’m writing a rock opera about the American Revolution – although it’s kind of a background project right now (singing about the Boston Tea Party in the shower…), probably one of those things I won’t really roll up my sleeves for for another ten years, but do you have any professional advice?

      • Professional advice? LOL … I don’t know if I’d call myself a professional – yet. I’m working on it though! Have a good story, strong characters and great music. At the end of the day, the music has to sell the show, but a strong story definitely helps.

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  9. I do enjoys these Monday prompts.
    Let me know what you think of this one.

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  13. Another contribution to this great challenge. This time about ‘The last man on earth.’

  14. Dear BeKindReWrite, thank you so very much for your most gracious welcome, but I feel rather weird in addressing you, given your screen persona.

    You see, that story was completely finished down to the last punctuation mark and posted within an hour after reading the prompt.

    I read all of them, but that one seemed to “glow” with a life of its own. In short, the minute I read it, words started cascading through my head.

    The actual story-let was done in about thirty minutes from start to finish, then edited.

    I got your response on the actual blog and I am glad you liked it, even if I only became aware of the contest that day at that particular time.

    I, uh, well, I think I sort of goofed though. You see, I only skim read the rules and well, erm, I think I sort of went over the word limit just a teeeeeeeeeeensy weensy tad (like around one hundred words, I think, from the counter on the site!) Sorry about that, I can only pray you will accept the entry anyway.

    Hey, the only thing I can say in my defense is that I don’t call myself “1wordywoman” for nothing!

    heaven’s blessings

    marantha jenelle

    • No worries; if you go back and read the rules *again* you’ll see that there aren’t any (except for people who work better with guidelines). Anyway, I went a little too long on my own prompt-inspired piece a couple of weeks ago, so don’t feel like you’ve committed the ultimate sin.

      It’s not really a contest – just a challenge, an excercise. I’ll be linking to your piece in my post on Monday!

      • Oh Wowsers! Thank you! If you have read any of my other posts you will be aware that I suffer bi-polar disorder, which means racing thoughts. These prompts actually are very good as coping skills, for the “draw me away” for a short time and give me something to focus on.

        I have been running highly manic for over a month now and have actually gotten quite a bit done, believe it or not!

        Six chapters on my new book, CHILD OF DESTINY, several blogs, and forming and putting together the elements to use on my newest blog that will teach folks how they can use programs they more than likely work with every day either at work or at home in some rather unorthodox ways.

        Plus some little “tips” I have learned along the way.

        I am also putting together the information which will be going on a completely separate page warning folks how to tell when they might be dealing with a scammer.

        I got “bit” by two of them. The post will explain when I get it up. Suffice it to say that I learned quite a bit when I was asked to not only become a member but also moderator and chief topic poster by the head moderator and creator of an anti-scammer site when I posted what had happened to me with the scammers who nailed me. That knowledge and my old posts, as well as information from that moderator’s site, once I get their permission to use it, will be going on the page that will be titled DEMONS IN THE DARK. It may take a while for me to get everything together, but you, and whoever reads this blog, are the first to know of my plans.

        I may not write what is currently “in vogue” for I have not “taken part” in the world outside the safety of my home in a little over ten years. I may not be witty, for, again if you have read or should read any of my other posts, you will find that I have not met with much kindness at the hands of my fellow life travelers, so therefore have had little in life to find of joy. Some might even find my posts dry and boring, but most of them, especially the ones dealing with my illness (WE’RE PEOPLE TOO)are mainly aimed at those who suffer emotional illnesses yet are still mentally facile enough to function somewhat independently as a means of letting them know that there is hope and that they DO have worth.

        As a matter of fact, the post that is on RANDOM RAMBLES 2, “Into The Light”, is one that I have shared with all of my many and varied, for one reason or another, home health providers to what actually has been a very favorable response.

        I have been told I “talk and write weird” because I often use phrasing that is somewhat out of date or unusual in the way I state or describe things, but to do any other would be not to be myself. I make no apologies, which is the primary reason I will be self publishing my stories through createspace or lulu or some place like that.

        I simply could not handle the stress of having an editor or agent tear my stories to pieces and make me cannibalize them.

        Once again, thank you for you kind comments.

        By the way, Ms. Sonia was the one who tipped me off about the challenge in the first place in her blog, something about “the blogs are alive with prompts” or something along those lines.

        heaven bless

        marantha jenelle

        • Your other work sounds really interesting! Definitely don’t worry about writing what’s “in vogue” or “writing weird” – you have to write from your heart to let your voice come through. Your unique voice is the most important part. So keep on writing!

  15. Here is another offering for your challenge, on the “future-proof” prompt…

    I hope you will like it.

    marantha jenelle

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