Inspiration Monday: We Come in Pieces

This week in the InMon Laboratory: Writing eight pages with the kind of ease that makes me think, “At this rate, I’ll have a draft within a year,” even though I know the rate never lasts. Two steps forward. In other news, sometimes I feel like I’ve used certain prompts before. But I’m too lazy to look. It’s not like they expire!

Inspiration Monday: Heart Control

This week in the House of InMon: Dipping my toes into the publishing world again. Things have changed since I was last exploring here. Books about 18- to 35-year-olds have their own genre now: “New Adult,” while “Young Adult” has NOT been changed to something like “Pre-Adult.” And agents are tracking their manuscript wish lists with #MSWL. Biggest thing the market seems starved for? Books with minority protagonists. So if you’ve got one, dig it out and dust it off.

Inspiration Monday: Future Veteran

This week in InMon Cove: It’s dark and yucky outside and I LOVE it. At last! It’s only supposed to get to 90 once this week. In other news, Jubilare has provided all of today’s prompts because she is awesome and I had none.

And now for our stop stories: