Inspiration Monday: Dark on Your Feet

Voice Week starts one week from today! If you’re participating, please check the Voice Writer list yonder to make sure your name is on it, and let me know if I missed you. We’re up to 20, including me, but there’s still time to join if you haven’t!

Inspiration Monday: Cosmic Lighthouse

So I get only about three hours of sleep Friday night, but still manage to make significant progress in the old WIP on Saturday. And then I seriously consider purposefully sleep-depriving myself next week in an attempt to repeat the effect.

Inspiration Monday: Sunset at Dawn

Three day weekends are the best, y’all. Managed to get quite a bit done!

Ha. You know you’re committed when you get time off from your writing job and you spend it writing.

Don’t worry; I also watched a LOT of Netflix, and finished a book. Didn’t like the book, though.

6 Elements of Character Appearance that Go Way Beyond Eye Color

black and white male mannequins

Image by DryHundredFear

A black fedora crouched low over his hooked nose and stiff blonde mustache. He hugged his fraying coat tightly around his body, as if he was afraid it would run off on him, like the second button had. But the really curious thing about the man was the half-carat diamond ring squeezed onto the little finger of his left hand.